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When you donate to our general fund, we use donation in the area with the most need. It could be for needed technology, supplies, building maintenance or employment support.

Help support resilience and stabilization for people across Toronto who live with mental illness and addictions, who are hard hit by this pandemic. Feeding the hungry has never been so easy!


In addition to permanent affordable housing, we provide a wide range of services to support recovery for those living with mental health challenges and addictions. Our social programs bring participants together to help address their biggest threats – poverty, social isolation and food security.


The economic impact of inadequate housing and homelessness in our City is high. At Houselink & Mainstay a house is more than a roof over one’s head; it represents dignity, security and above all hope. Supportive housing has been identified as a cost-effective model that helps save taxpayer dollars.

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To our core funding partners, whose support has enabled us to help people living with mental health and substance use challenges move forward in their recovery.

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