Black Lives Matter

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Houselink stands with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities who are fighting for justice against racism in all forms.

We stand ready to do our part to ensure that racism is never an issue that only BIPOC care about. People within these communities, experience overt, covert and systemic racism on a daily basis, and only when this is acknowledged, understood, and challenged can it be eliminated. Each of us MUST commit to educating ourselves, to be aware of our white privilege and to begin to dismantle our internalized biases. We have the responsibility to make a change by standing up, and calling out injustice and racism whenever and wherever we are witness to it.

As a first step towards this goal, we are working with sector partners to ensure when someone is having a mental health crisis, the police are not the only option. Internally, our Anti Oppression and Anti Racism Committee is working on a training curriculum designed to build more awareness in how white privilege and racism is experienced here at Houselink , as well as strategies we can use to combat it. Houselink will seek advice, guidance and leadership from the Black Caucus for all of this work.

Houselink is committed to do the work that is necessary to eliminate Anti Black racism, Anti Indigenous racism and all other forms of racialized and systemic oppression, in order to move toward to a fair and just society.