Do you have a friend with an upcoming milestone birthday?  In their honour, you can take 35 people out for dinner.  Adopt-a-kitchen allows you celebrate your friend and help the homeless. Your friend will receive notification of your gift, which day has been selected and what food will be served.


Can you feed 35 people a healthy meal for only $100?  Houselink and Mainstay does it, every single day…..But it’s getting harder.

In the face of rising food costs, Houselink & Mainstay faces an uphill battle to continue feeding its resident and community participants with a daily meal.  We make it possible for people struggling with extreme poverty to secure a nutritious and balanced meal. to pursue recovery and build meaningful lives on their own terms.

The Community Kitchen is a longstanding program for the organization.  Not only does it provide a healthy meal, it acts as a safe gathering place which offers a sense of community and support among peers.

We continue to empower participants to pursue and gain new skills which includes training and hands-on experience in a food-service setting.  These skills are transferable and may be used in various operations or simply for day-to-day food preparation at home.