Consider making a gift that affirms the dignity of people living with mental illness.  There are many ways you can make a difference, today!

Designate your United Way donation directly to us

Did you know that you can designate your United Way Employee Campaign donation directly to Houselink Community Homes.  Its very simple and convenient too!. 

If you are an employee of a participating United Way Employee Campaign business, then we invite you to designate Houselink Community Homes as your charity of choice on the United Way Employee Campaign pledge form you fill out each year.

You need to simply include our Charitable Registration Number, which is:1231 09845 RR0001 on this form, and your pledge will be directed to Houselink’s valuable community programs.

For more information about this program, you may contact Patty Letourneau – Fund Development Manager at 416-539-0690 ext 347 or Click here to send Patty a private email message.

Participant Focused Funds

Our commitment has been extended to include financial support and assistance from designated, funding sources and to help all participants in three core areas.

These funds are created to respond to the individual financial needs of all those we serve and can make the difference between a life being defined as ‘just getting by’ or by living with dignity.  It is through the kind and generous support of private donations that Houselink may offer small grants from the following designated funds:

The Peggy Birnberg Fund

To honour the memory, leadership and vision of Houselink’s Executive Director (1991 to 2009).  Her passing left us all with a great determination to forge ahead.


The fund provides access to emergency funds and resources and is kindly supported by our dear patron and friend, Ms. Carole Tanenbaum, as a legacy to Peggy’s work and commitment to those who live and experience poverty everyday.

Peggy’s memory is firmly in our hearts and minds each day. The fund is managed by a committee of staff and Birnberg family participants.   Applicants are accessed by committee at regular meetings and with specific consideration given to:

Individuals:  Emergency assistance to help with travel costs relating to family bereavement, specialized health care, eye care or dental, and emergency pet care.

Groups:  To assist in an experience that benefits the well-being of a group (e.g. a personal trainer, specialized cooking class, group outings) and one that cannot be purchased from other opportunities.  To learn more about Peggy please click here.

We continue to provide assistance and resources through two additional funds geared to those who seek further education including financial supports to those wishing to pursue continued learning opportunities and/or who seek direct help for young children and youth.  These two funds consist of:

  • Families Moving Forward: enables our participants’ children to live normal lives. We provide funds so that Houselink children can play sports, participate in extra-curricular activities or go to summer camps.  This fund also assists with tutoring to help children succeed at school.
  • participant Education Fund: grants up to $300 towards fees and expenses for a broad range of training at universities and community colleges.

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly giving is a very simple and convenient way to make a difference. Your monthly donation is put to work each and every month and helps to provide immediate, practical and ongoing support.

Here are a few things you can support each month:

  • $25  will cover the cost of providing healthy, nourishing meals to one resident throughout the week.
  • $50 a month will kindly provide a child the opportunity to join an arts, cultural or sports group of their choice.
  • $100 a month will give a person the opportunity to further their education or gain a new work skill.

How is monthly giving convenient for you:

  • Your monthly gift is automatically withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card on the 1st business day of each month.
  • You can change or cancel your gift at any time.
  • You receive one charitable tax receipt at the end of the year.

You Can Make Your Monthly Pledge Now:  Simply visit our secure online portal and choose by setting up your monthly gift online through Canada Helps.  If you have any questions about monthly giving, please contact Patty Letourneau – Fund Development Manager at 416-539-0690 ext 347 or Click here to send Patty a private email now.

Host an Event

You can host a glamorous event at your own home, your association or within your community.  It is a great way to engage and introduce your friends, family and colleagues to Houselink.


This event can be simple, or even deluxe.  It is really your idea, effort and participation in creating this excitement that will help Houselink’s Community Programs.

Sometimes it’s the simple gathering of friends, family or colleagues who share in the vision.  We can help develop your idea further, and in helping to create an event that will foster support for Houselink.


If you have an idea, please complete the Third Party Event Proposal Form. Please allow 20 – 30 business days for consideration of your proposal.  Please send both completed and signed forms to: Patty Letourneau or Fax: 416-539-0693.

All events will be welcomed.  We have had success with car washes, golf tournaments, auctions, bake sales, seasonal events, corporate event days and gala dinners.

Donation of Gift Cards: Easy Giving

Have you noticed your wallet filling up with gift cards? Perhaps you have even forgotten about many of these cards and have no idea how much value remains on them.

The average Canadian household has over $300 in unredeemed gift cards. Rather than letting these gift cards remain idle, donate them to Houselink.  Each year, we use donated gift cards to demonstrate our appreciation to participants attending programs, donating their time and sometimes just as a small thank you gift.

Your donation will allow us to recognize our participants. Rather than letting these gift cards remain idle, donate them today to Houselink.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Have you already included Houselink in your will?  When the time is right, please consider leaving a legacy gift in your will.

If you would like more information, about how to include Houselink in your will, contact Peter Marra – Fund Development Manager at 416-539-0690 ext 347 or send a private email to Patty Letourneau.  All inquiries will remain completely confidential.

We have also provided a list of Sample Will Clauses for you or your lawyer to consider.  Please take a moment to complete and return our Bequest Confirmation Form, which includes information about different ways you can designate your gift. Please rest assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion.

However you choose to contribute to Houselink, every dollar you give goes a long, long way.

Read below to learn why our supporters have reparticipanted us in their testaments.

I have been associated with Houselink for six years. During that time I have met many remarkable individuals – participants, staff and fellow Board participants. Houselink embodies a culture of hope and recovery that helps all of us as individuals to move forward – those of us dealing personally with mental health problems and those of us supporting individuals’ recovery journeys. I wanted to express my gratitude for all that I learned from Houselink by leaving a gift to Houselink in my will.” –Frank White

Give a Gift of Stock

New rule changes to take effect for disbursements of property starting in 2017 to include donations from the sale of private companies and real estate without having to pay capital gains tax on the sales.

Donate Now Through!

Click here to read the Globe and Mail article.

To find out more about making a gift of stock to Houselink Community Homes please contact Patty Letourneau- Fund Development Manager at 416-539-0690 ext 347 or Click here to send a private email to Houselink today.