Community Citizens Can Help in So Many Ways!!

When it seems like society is focused on getting more, spending more and achieving more, it helps to think about the importance of civic engagement and volunteerism.  It can get people to think beyond themselves and focus on the needs of others!   The real magic at Houselink happens when participants and community citizens also get involved!

We encourage active participation through civic engagement initiatives, whether its a letter writing campaign, or meeting with local government officials for example.  Houselink welcomes your interest and we invite family members, businesses, church groups or local associations who are seeking ways to make a contribution to the community or as a way to give back.

There are lots of ways to get involved and in helping to improve the quality of life of our many friends and neighbours.  Houselink makes it possible for people struggling with extreme poverty, mental health and addiction issues to pursue recovery and build meaningful lives on their own terms.

Here are examples of some of the ways people are Getting Involved. Join us today.  Here is where you can help!!

If you feel inspired by something you see on this page, or if you have an idea of your own, please contact Patty Letourneau, Fund Development Manager at 416-539-060 Ext 347 or email Patty Letourneau.