Houselink and Mainstay Housing are proposing to join together as one organization. It’s a big opportunity that will open doors for you and many others who need housing and support.

Executive Director, Brian Davis and Tenant Board member, Steve Rogers, talk about why Houselink and Mainstay will be stronger if they join together. Learn about how we can increase housing development and enhance programs and services. (filmed March 2020)

Learn more about Mainstay Housing. See images of their buildings and tenants, find out about the quality of their housing, accessibility, and how tenants are engaged. (created Sept. 2020)

We hope you find all the information you need on these webpages as we prepare for a member vote before the end of November. 

We will add more information to these pages as we hear more from you. We want to make sure you get answers to all of your questions. 

We will also update you on this page as well as send a mail-out if anything changes due to new pandemic restrictions. 

What joining together means

Joining together means that Houselink and Mainstay would become one organization. We would have one Board and one administration for both organizations. 

Joining together is a choice that both Boards support.

Why join together

Houselink and Mainstay have the same goals. Joining together means we can achieve our missions. Together, we will be stronger and have a bigger impact on those we serve. 

It’s more important than ever that we become one organization. The way housing and mental health are funded is changing dramatically. Both organizations know they need to change even to keep the housing we currently have. Our core funders are helping providers like us who are forward thinking to make the changes we need to survive and thrive in this new environment. 

Important dates

  • October 23 – last day to apply to be a member to vote
  • October 26 – distribution of membership package
  • Week of November 2 – tell us how you would like to vote
  • Mid November – voting day (details coming soon)
  • Starting December – work together to shape the organization (if a yes vote)
  • April 1, 2021 – possible joining together

Together we’ll be able to:

Upcoming Vote – mid November

Members in both organizations will vote on whether the two organizations should join together. We are planning to hold the vote mid November.

We will make sure we follow all public health guidelines. We will also ensure that no one who wishes to vote experiences any barriers to voting.

Register as a Member to Vote – by Oct 23

Please note that only Houselink members can vote on joining together. You should have received a Membership Application Form by now. If you agree with the terms, please sign it and pass it to a Houselink staff person. They will make sure it gets to Monica. If you didn’t receive a form, or have lost it, please contact Candice Stoute at 437-246-3587 or

Participants have a say

You will have input and support at each step along the way. Not only can you vote, you’ll have a voice in shaping service standards and programs, if the vote is yes.

How joining together is good for participants

Joining together opens doors to more opportunities for you.

  • Higher quality housing: For example, tenants who currently live in shared accommodation will have greater opportunity to move to self-contained units. Current Houselink or Mainstay tenants will also have the opportunity to be the first to move into any brand new housing that the joined organization develops.
  • Better upkeep and repair of units and buildings: improve our standards for maintenance.
  • Easier and better access to services.
  • Work-order and Tenant Ledger status information in minutes: You’ll be able to ask any Houselink staff about the status of a work-order or your tenant ledger.
  • Better services: We’ll be sharing best practices with each other and adopting what’s best.
  • Access to funding, so we can do more for you. In fact, we’ve already received more funding even as we plan to join together. It’s already working!

How to find out more

  • Visit our FAQ page to get more information.
  • Call or email Candice Stoute at 437-246-3587 or
  • Keep coming back to this webpage. We will add more information as we have it.