Replicating Our Community Food Program During the Pandemic

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Emily, one of our Community Workers in Food Access and Supported Employment, has been working in food almost all her life and works in our kitchens to make nutritious meals every week.

“We offer a variety of foods in our kitchens. We try to take requests and let our participant cooks have input on what they would like to cook that week.”

“We have to be aware of dietary needs since we are cooking for such a diverse group of people.” Things that need to be taken into consideration are salt and sugar levels, hardness of food for those who don’t have strong teeth, cultural preferences, food allergies and sensitivities, among others. “It’s a great feeling when you tell people what’s on the menu and they’re happy about it.”

Emily in a Houselink kitchen making sticky toffee pudding.

The food program tries to incorporate healthy and nutritious foods for Houselink participants, but from experience Emily says the healthiest meal is ‘the one people eat.’

“Not everyone has a good experience with eating in large groups of people, so when people leave a meal feeling happy, it is just as important as the food itself. And we’re trying to replicate that as best we can during the pandemic.”

Emily and our other Food Program staff have worked throughout the pandemic to ensure our tenants and participants are food secure.

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Emily, Community Worker in Food Access and Supported Employment