Houselink Community Homes is a leader in the field of supportive housing and recovery for people living with persistent mental health challenges and addiction issues. As a community centered, charitable organization, Houselink continues to address the issues of homelessness and marginalization for single men and women, youth, seniors and families with children in the City of Toronto.

Houselink operates according to a mental health recovery framework, wherein housing and food security, social supports and employment are recognized as key contributors to good mental health. Through an innovative combination of supports and programs, Houselink ensures that those most at risk of homelessness never again face life on the streets.

Houselink’s supportive approach has been recognized as fostering “a fully integrated philosophy of recovery, substantive inclusion of those with mental health challenges in program governance and operations, and the development of intentional communities.”  (Waegemakers Schiff, Jeanette. (2014). Comparison of Four Housing First Programs. Calgary, Alberta. Page 101.)

It is our belief that all people have a voice that should be heard, talents that can be contributed and hopes and dreams that must be nurtured. Houselink makes it possible for people living with mental health and addiction issues, to pursue recovery and build meaningful lives on their own terms.