• Brian Davis, Executive Director
  • Helen Cheung, Director of Support Services
  • Charles Lior, Finance Manager
  • Carl Melvin, Manager of Property Services
  • Peter Marra, Fund Development Manager
  • Carol Thames, Programs Manager
  • Carlos Aedo, Support Manager
  • Jody Ridson, Support Manager
  • Colleen Vandeyck, Human Resources Manager
  • Desmond Rowley, Supervisor Social Recreation & Wellness Program
  • David Fiege, Supervisor Food Program
  • Phillip Dufresne, Chair
  • Mary Modeste, Vice Chair
  • Linda McNeil, Vice Chair
  • Joann Sochor, Treasurer
  • Charles Finlay, Director
  • Stephen Rogers, Director
  • Natalie Ochrym, Director
  • Carole King, Director
  • Colette Snyder, Director
  • Richa Jagota, Director

Note: The Executive Director, Brian Davis, acts as the Corporate Secretary

Board Minutes

Minutes of meetingsĀ are posted here

Houselink Annual Reports – see more

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